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Finding the Best Shipping Containers for Sale in the Greater New York Area

Looking for special deals on shipping containers in greater New York/New Jersey area?

Buying storage containers can be a challenging experience, especially for first-time buyers. If you’re currently looking for the best cargo container suppliers in the New York and surrounding Tri-State area, this article is for you.

We’re going to explore the different ways to buy new and used shipping containers in New Jersey, and explore the pros and cons of each, so you can learn which makes the most sense for you.

Getting the Best Deal in Shipping Containers in New York/New Jersey

Finding an honest and reliable seller can be a challenging process. This information will hopefully make it easier and more straightforward on your end.

Before you start shopping for conex containers, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself first.

1. Are you buying a used or new container?

While used containers can be found in good condition, expect minor dents on the sides, particularly on the cargo doors, rear, and even on the top.  Suppliers cannot guarantee a used container free of blemishes, dents, or rust.

New shipping containers, on the other hand, are in great condition. Also known as "one-trip" containers, these have been manufactured and shipped directly from Asia, usually taking with them their first and only load of cargo.

For more info on new vs. used containers, click here, or watch our video on container conditions to get familiar with container lingo. 


Container Discounts - Conditions - Intro


2. Where is the location of the seller?

If you find a seller who lives hundreds of miles away from the greater metropolitan area, delivery costs will cost you an arm and a leg. On top of that, you may have to pay for “handling” fees.

If buying from an individual, find one who lives close by. If you don’t find one nearby, your best choice is to order from a tier-1 supplier, like

Buying direct from ContainerDiscounts cuts out the middleman markup. As a result, you can use the substantial savings elsewhere.

3. Have you done the necessary site preparation?

Apart from making sure that you have enough space to house your shipping container in New York, you need to have your site ready for delivery.

You also have to think about the container's foundation. An uneven ground could make it difficult for container doors to close and open easily.

Check out some simple guidelines to being prepared for delivery.


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Where to Buy Shipping Containers in New York/New Jersey area

Now that we’ve covered the essential questions to ask before looking for a shipping container seller in the tri-state area, you are now ready to choose to make a purchase from the following sellers.

1. Buying from individuals

These individual sellers are typically local residents re-selling their used containers on Craigslist and similar listings.


  • Prices can be very cheap or negotiable because most of these owners are eager to let go of their shipping containers as soon as possible.
  • You can usually go and physically see the container before buying.


  • You could end up with a container that has flaws which you'll only discover after making the purchase. In this case, you’ll probably be stuck with the container.
  • As for third-party individual resellers, it’s not uncommon for used shipping containers to have a muddled history. As a result, you won’t find out the exact details on how the container was previously stored, used, or if there has been a history of repairs and chemical spills.

2. Buying from local dealers in the greater New York area

On the whole, a local shipping container dealer in New York will buy units in bulk from tier-1 suppliers and add roughly 25-to-35% markup to the selling price.


  • You can talk to local dealers face-to-face and the purchase process is more personalized.
  • You can directly ask questions about features and they can probably help with container modifications.
  • It’s easier to ask people in your area or read local reviews about the seller’s reputation.


  • Limited choices, especially with new containers.
  • You will typically have to haggle to get a better price.

In Newark, New Jersey, you can buy new or used shipping containers from these local dealers:

3. Buying direct

In the past, it was difficult to buy direct national suppliers. However, with ContainerDiscounts, this has changed.

We offer individuals access to all our pricing and inventory. You can get a great deal on a shipping container without paying middleman markups. And, you don’t have to haggle with a salesperson to get a lower price.


  • Potentially huge savings because there are no middlemen markups.
  • Wide selection of new and used containers to choose from.


  • You can’t physically inspect the container before you get it.
  • You will potentially get a container in worse condition than you expected.
    • ContainerDiscounts certifies every container, and gives every customer a certified condition guarantee. This means, you get the container we guaranteed, or we replace it.

Getting the Best Deal in New York & New Jersey

We’re biased, of course, but we have made it our mission to provide the best deals, and the best buying experience of used and new shipping containers in the Tri-State area. You don’t have to haggle, and the entire purchase process is done through our online web app.

Just pick a size, choose a condition you like, and get a price you love.

You can see our live pricing here, or download our free shopper’s guide to get insider information on getting the best deal: Buying Shipping Containers 101: The First-Time Buyer’s Guide. 

Written by Container Guru / December 18, 2018

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