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Peter DeMaria is a California-based architect and a living legend in the world of shipping container homes. His Redondo Beach house, pictured above, is one of the first known homes to feature intermodal containers as a build material. 

It is well-established that, compared to a traditional stick-built structure, storage container homes are sturdier, more environmentally sound, and less expensive to build. This home exemplifies the return of the architect to the building design and construction methods. 

02_Redondo_Beach_HouseRedondo Beach House by Demaria Design Associates

This house is one of the first to be built from shipping containers using modular construction techniques. More than 70% of this container structure was assembled in a factory offsite, which saves the builder a ton of time and money. Because they are factory built, there are fewer stipulations from local building departments; these products are assembled, inspected, and stamped with approval before they ever leave the factory.

The international success of this concept, and the stunning design and execution of the build, gave birth to a new idea for DeMaria: Logical Homes, a design and construction firm that makes homeownership more accessible. Using the Redondo Beach house as the inspiration, customers are able to select from seven different options for their shipping container home.

Aegean_Model_Logical_Homes This is the Aegean 640 model from Logical Homes that was presented at the CES Convention in Las Vegas a few years ago. Photo by DeMaria Design Associates

A quick 16 miles north of Redondo Beach will land us in Venice Beach, where another shipping container home built by DeMaria Design Associates sits. With floor to ceiling windows and beautiful teak floors, this home combines industrial and modern construction styles. 

Venice_Beach_House Photo by DeMaria Design Associates

In addition to his efforts to make housing accessible to all, DeMaria has also set his Logical Homes sights on community buildings. In the East LA neighborhood called Boyle Heights, DeMaria designed a new church/community center. This project earned DeMaria Design Associates and Logical Homes the Design Excellence Award from the 2009 American Institute of Architects Biennial Competition. 

Boyle_Heights_ParsonagePhoto by DeMaria Design Associates

It is clear that Peter DeMaria is passionate about accessible housing and community spaces as well as the environment. He is a champion for responsible design and construction and we look forward to seeing more of his dazzling work in California and beyond!

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Written by Container Guru / June 10, 2020

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