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Making Things Right When Things Go Wrong

In any business, there are going to be transactions wherein expectations are not met. Container Discounts is no exception. We're writing to you today to show you some instances wherein we did not meet our customers' expectations with our shipping containers and how we hope to make that right and prevent issues similar to these in the future. 

Bait and Switch

First, let's meet Angry Customer, who chose to remain anonymous.image-1

"I was quoted a price and paid for the container only to receive an email that there was not a container available for the quoted price and that delivery would also be more than quoted."

We can totally understand how this could negatively impact a person's purchasing experience; no one likes to spend their hard-earned money and then be told that the thing they spent their money on isn't available. We are committed to never baiting and switching our customers, and there are extenuating circumstances that all of our transactions are subject to-- including the availability of our containers.


Here's the scoop: we're an online marketplace in an industry that has long been a brick-and-mortar, ya-gotta-know-a-guy marketplace. Our digital presence removes that need to be onsite or know a guy, but there is a caveat: thousands of users may be vying for the same container. If you and another potential customer are looking at the same container at the same time, and their internet happens to be just a liiiittle bit faster...well, to the victor go the spoils.


Now, we totally get that that arrangement definitely doesn't work for some people, such as our angry friend here. If you have no wiggle room in your budget and you're in need of this exact dchatboteal that you're seeing on the site, please tap the chatbot feature or call our sales line at (888)259-3082 and one of our sales associates will help you find the perfect container for your budget. If the unit isn't in stock and we're unable to find a suitable replacement within a reasonable time frame, we'll issue a full refund.



If that's still not acceptable, we are happy to help you find a local retailer who could possibly fit your needs (but we can't guarantee that their pricing is as competitive as ours!) We are able to keep our prices low because of our automated sales processes, so we do as much as we feasibly can to ensure that your expectations are met based on the information you're seeing on our site. 

The term Bait and Switch sounds deceitful and dishonest; we can guarantee that we are neither of these things, and there are plenty of reviews that we have received to reflect that.


Delivery Issue

Next, we're going to introduce you to Jason. We removed his last name to protect his identity.Delivery_Issue

 "When they delivered our container they only sent 1 delivery driver so he didn't have anyone to help guide him into our driveway. I attempted to help him the best I could, however, this being said the driver still managed to back the container into 2 of our trees damaging them extensively so now we have to hire someone to come cut them down because they are extremely close to our power lines. When he wasn't able to back in properly from the first angle, he then attempted to back it in from the other direction and uprooted yet another tree while hitting a 4th one. All in all, we lost a total of 3 trees and I am unhappy about it."

Oof. We're unhappy about that too 🤦‍♂️. We love trees and do our best to protect them at all costs. It sounds like we dropped the ball on this one, and while there were definitely some trees that were sacrificed for the sake of a shipping container, there's some insight to be gleaned from our purchase policy.

When you purchase a shipping container, you're purchasing the product itself and the shipping service to receive that product. We're learning that there are some misconceptions about what is included in that shipping service, and we'd like to correct those misconceptions here. The specialized trucks that are utilized to bring your intermodal container from us to you are commissioned to drive the container to you and drop it at a properly prepared site.


Deliveries go sideways when those instructions are disregarded and our customers expect our delivery personnel to navigate obstacles to the site that has hopefully been properly prepared. We consider these obstacles and improper preparations to be special circumstances; the cost that you pay for your container and deliveryCD_Delivery_without_lead-in is quoted under the assumption that the container arrives and is unloaded in an accessible space. Our purchase policy includes ample details about what is required of our customers to prepare their site for delivery, along with plenty of details about the logistics of the delivery-- we even include illustrations and videos to give the customer greater clarity about these requirements and how best to prepare their site. 


Unfortunately, customers who are not familiar with the operation of heavy equipment tend to make light of what it takes to place a large, heavy shipping container. Upon examining Jason's commentary, it appears that he expected our driver to come armed with a second delivery agent to serve as a guide for navigating difficult spaces; this service would have been ideal and we would have gladly provided it for double the labor cost for delivery had we been made aware of his needs. conversation

Our team of experts is highly trained to provide our excellent resources for nearly any circumstance when they have a clear picture of site challenges in advance. Fear of a larger delivery fee sometimes influences our customers' choices to not inform us of challenges on site. This larger fee is often warranted to ensure a smooth delivery process where all parties walk away from the transaction happy. undraw_celebration_0jvkAll things can be worked out with upfront communication, so it's best that every customer be explicitly clear about their site upon ordering. We don't cut corners so we need to know about all of the corners before we get there-- your trees will thank you. Open communication will guarantee the right delivery experience at the right price. 

We always do our best to make sure that your experience is outstanding; part of that is our extensive and transparent warranty and return policy. Unlike other companies who aren't as up front with their customers about how they manage issues, you can be sure that there are no surprises in how we deal with issues like the ones detailed above.

In all of our transactions, we welcome and encourage honest, detailed feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve, and your feedback is crucial to our growth and development. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out with any commentary regarding your experience with Container Discounts.

Container Discounts is a nationwide marketplace for the sale of new and used shipping containers. If you're interested in learning more about our products and services click the buttons below.

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Written by Container Guru / July 2, 2020

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