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Motor City Modular Construction

This week, we meet you in Detroit for a look at a few of the stunning projects happening in and around the Motor City. 

We're thrilled to highlight a few projects by the accomplished Three Squared, Inc development agency.

We're first turning our sights to a residential project, a multi-family condo regime in the North Corktown neighborhood. 

model_center_02photo by Three Squared, Inc.

This structure is comprised of six 40 ft shipping containers. One of the units is a multi-level, 1200 sq. ft., 2 bedroom condo. The second unit is a 720 sq. ft. studio apartment. Each floor also has a covered deck.

model_center_05photo by Three Squared, Inc.

One of the most phenomenal aspects of this build is the time it took to construct: the placement of the containers and covered deck areas only took about six hours!

From start to finish, this project only took 45 days to complete. Detroit overlooks Lake St. Clair, and is often subject to brutal weather conditions; it's truly a feat to complete construction in this timeframe given challenges that can arise. This speaks to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of modular construction techniques. 


Three Squared, Inc and their building partners, CDSG Construction, gave life to a project that exemplifies also how green and sustainable container life can be! 

The next project that we'll highlight today is Detroit Shipping Company, a Food Hall, Beer Garden, and Event Venue located in the Cass Corridor.

dsc_01photo by Detroit Shipping Company

The massive 10,000 sq. ft. structure houses six distinct eateries, delightful liquid refreshments, and art galleries showcasing local talent.

The structure is built out of 19 40 ft containers and three 20 ft containers. There are 88 cuts in the containers, rimmed by over 19 tons of steel. The building has two levels and is split in half into indoor and outdoor spaces.

dsc_02photo by Detroit Shipping Company

It's truly incredible how versatile intermodal shipping containers are for construction. 

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Written by Container Guru / November 13, 2020

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