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4 Hotels So Cool You Won’t Believe They’re Shipping Containers

Amidst the heels of shipping container homes making waves and turning heads, architects and designers have experimented with a variety of architectural transformations that have become quite the talk of the town. Being immersed in a sea of noteworthy and unique design concepts, architects have stirred the pot yet again with another innovative masterpiece--shipping container hotels! Yes, you heard right. Those storage containers frequently used to conveniently transport cargo from location to location have been removed from their docks and put into use for this modern, funky twist on the common living space.

Taking on a slightly quirky approach, these rusty rectangular structures have been reclaimed into a sleek blend of repurposed materials and aesthetic appeal to create an experience that is all the rage. Not only do these eco-friendly accommodations breed sense of style with financial ease and durability, but provide blank-canvases, leaving room for unlimited creativity and paving the way for a re-designed outlook on the average cargo container.

Here are some of the world’s chicest shipping container hotels, giving tiny homes and other alternative dwellings a run for their money:

1. Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort

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Perched on a snowy mountainside, 7200 feet high, this jumble of containers provides for a rustic, industrial getaway, sporting environmentally-friendly features that are just as eye-catching. Found in Gudauri, Georgia, the pyramidal cluster of insulated, recycled shipping containers are strategically placed and raised with steel posts, leading to minimal impact on the environment. The hotel’s homey, minimalistic design provides for a cozy, yet modern experience represented through rustic wood finishing and metal details, complementing its soft, neutral interior. Pass the designer shelves and climb the extravagant spiral staircases to reach the common areas, which showcase a breathtaking, panoramic view through floor-to-ceiling windows that boast the Caucasus mountains. The best part, the nearest slopes are just a 5 minute walk away, and are sure to please those frequent snow dwellers!

2. ContainHotel



Located in Czech Republic, this pop-up boutique hotel was designed by prague-based Artikul Architects with intent to be easily transported and stationed in a variety of locations. Being displayed quite anywhere you could imagine, whether it be a popular surf site, lively railway station, or alongside the Elbe River in Třeboutice, ContainHotel satisfies a diverse demographic. This self-sufficient shipping container hotel can accomodate 13 guests with 3 stacked containers that allow for a 2 story arrangement. The bottom 20 ft containers provide shared facilities such as bathrooms and storage, while the top 40 ft container allows for comfortable lodging with 4 quaint bedrooms that can be accessed through a shared terrace, closely connecting it’s guests to the wondrous view. It’s equipped with water-saving taps and toilets, a built-in water reservoir for the showers and sinks, reclaimed birch interior, and custom furnishings. The eco-friendly attributes as well as cozy, minimalist decor is enough to get the guests gawking at this cargo container turned vacation home.




Ready to ditch the confined quarters and stiff beds that follow the stereotypical hostel? Spice up your backpacking trip by stopping at this chic, modern tourist attraction, and I assure you, you won't be disappointed. Designed by TAK Architects, this hostel, found in Nha Trang, Vietnam, roots its inspiration from the upscale cabins found in luxury trains (minus the claustrophobia and motion sickness). The resemblance magnifies it’s aesthetic appeal through the integration of the patterned tiles, wood, and cement details riddled throughout the space. The true intent behind the hostel lies within the belief of family connection, which is executed through the interspersed communal areas and bars that welcome young backpackers. When guests aren’t lounging on the rope swing, located in a replica of the typical Viatnamese courtyard, or taking in the views from the rooftop terrace, they settle in their choice of a 4-6 person dorm or private bedroom. On the way to the nearby beach, guests can explore the living room, playroom, and washing area, all accessed through greenery-shaded catwalks.

4. Flophouze Hotel



Located in Roundtop, Texas, this eco-chic hotel was sustainably crafted with refurbished cabinets retrieved from an FDA lab, windows salvaged from a school in Philadelphia, and even countertops made from old bowling lanes. The shipping container incorporates a barrage of artifacts collected throughout the owner’s travels, emphasizing the meaning of “old is the new new” through it’s vintage flares. This western, hipster-esque hotel also represents a sort of ‘glamping’ vibe through its communal fire pits and hammocks that provide a perfect view of the sunset. While roaming through the six storage containers, find peace in the act of disconnecting, and instead jam out to handpicked vinyl as the antique record players thrive in the absence of T.Vs. Definitely don’t forget to take a dip in the aboveground shipping container pool or try out the vehicle charging station! If you’re tired of camping trips being bombarded with mosquitos and itchy sleeping bags, this is the perfect place to enjoy a more glamorous and eclectic edition.

Nothing quite says versatile, upcycled living like those storage container hotels! Although those metal structures might not seem like the comfiest place to rest your head, they are more functional and design-forward than you’d think. The high-end allure to shipping container living is sure to have you booking your next visit in one of those modern clunks of steel!

Looking to give your old shipping container a new meaning as well? Take advantage of your stay in one of those trendy, sustainable hotels, and encounter the feel of living in a shipping container before actually purchasing one.

Whether you’re a hotelier taking advantage of the container’s structural integrity, or a customer looking to transform your family vacation, it’s time to think outside the box and experience, quite literally, what it’s like to stay in the box.

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