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If your just looking to buy a new or used shipping container and build it yourself, we have the best stock and pricing available nationwide. Have a look below to see our live pricing and stock in your area.

Need a little help from the experts? We've partnered with the, an industry leader in Prefab & Custom Container Construction. Get your project started the right way by speaking to the folks who know how to navigate your project properly.

DIY Shipping Container Homes

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Buy a container and get your project started fast! Talk to an agent to make sure your buying the right product.

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Need it done by a professional. Steelblox produces amazing custom & prefabricated products.

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Custom Shipping Container Home


Used vs New Containers

Our Used Shipping Containers have been in active cargo use for 7-20 years, and vary in appearance greatly. All our units are storage worthy at minimum, meaning they are wind and water tight and ideal for storage use.

Used containers are typically about half the cost of new containers. With a 1 Yr warranty, used containers offer great value.

Our New Shipping Containers have been used once to transport cargo from the port of origin to the US. 

One Trip Containers are in nearly flawless condition, and are sold and considered new by industry standards. You can expect very minor imperfections from the handling of the units during transport.

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20ft Shipping Containers

Used 20ft Shipping Container

from $1500

Varies by condition/region

Great value with our new & used 20ft  Shipping Containers. Our most popular product.


40ft Shipping Containers


from $1600

Varies by condition/region/height

Great value per square foot. Highly recommended for shipping container home projects.


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