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What this Means For You

Used Shipping Container stock is sold on a next off the stack basis - so we can't always guarantee the color of the units we provide. Used units are used on container ships for international shipping for a number of years; before being retired from cargo use. The units are then released and made available for resale. All used containers released to us for resale are checked to ensure they are still in good serviceable condition, they are wind/watertight (unless you buy an "As Is" Container) and should last you 20+years if follow a basic maintenance regimen.

What's important to know is all of our units are categorized and priced according to the last "Cargo" condition which they were certified while in active use. These conditions determine the sell price. What you can always count on when buying from ContainerDiscounts, regardless of condition:

Full 360 20 Container
  • Clean and ready for use
  • On Time Delivery
  • Reliable Customer Service

The used sales prices that we are able to offer are calculated based on - your delivery location, your off-loading requirements, the number of units you need and the base container cost. The cost of used containers does fluctuate up and down, but it's primarily driven by availability and the base price of corresponding new units.

Delivery Location - this will affect our delivery costs, we'll always try and keep delivery costs as low as possible but the cost will depend on the distance your location is from one of our distribution centers.

Offloading - Make sure to select how you wish your container to be loaded on the truck. Why? Since the container slides of the back of the truck into position, and there are typically doors on only one side, we need to know, to make sure your container is installed properly for easy access and use.

Quantity Matters - When pricing units using our webshop, make sure to select the proper quantity. Our Logistics robots will calculate freight costs to maximize on truck loads, and save you money on delivery costs.

Container Rates - Since we buy direct and sell to end users, our prices are the best you will find. We eliminate the middleman, which can often save up to 20% on New and Used Shipping Containers using the ContainerDiscounts webshop, which always has up to date pricing and inventory.

makes buying a container as easy as 1-2-3

1. View Local Inventory

Easily browse real stock from any device

2. Get Instant Pricing

Real-time pricing based on your size and condition preferences

3. Shipping container delivery and pay

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