Ready For Delivery?



Are you ready for your Shipping Container to arrive? 

Here are a few tips to make sure your delivery goes smoothly.

  • Make sure the point of contact person is in touch with our logistics team. They will call and email to confirm all the details. Our system will send periodic notifications when the unit is loaded and on the way.
  • Please make sure the access point to the property is clear of any debris or overhanging obstructions. The Container truck is approximately 14ft tall, so low hanging wires, gutters, tree branches are all common pitfalls that need to be considered.
  • An adult is required to be onsite and sign for the delivery of the container. Please make sure the point of contact for delivery is available.

Understanding the conditions of the delivery site ahead of time will help ensure your delivery is timely and successful. If you think your site may be subject to any of the following issues, please communicate with our logistics team in advance. (additional fees may apply)

  • Poor Site Conditions: Site conditions are always a concern when delivering on soil or grass. If your site is unpaved, the ground must be compact, solid and dry. The driver will make the final assessment before entering the property, but if he is unable to deliver, you will be responsible for delivery and redelivery fees.
  • Rough road conditions: this includes dirt or gravel roads as well as roads with tight curves, uneven or broken pavement, steep inclines or declines, and overhanging obstacles such as trees or power lines.
  • Minimum Straight Line Clearance: The minimum straight-line clearance is double the length of the truck. For a typical 45' tilt-bed truck, the straight-line clearance is 90'. If you don't have the minimum required clearance at the drop site, we may recommend alternative placements methods, such as using a forklift or crane. (additional fees will apply)
  • Secured Site Access: A secured delivery site may have access requirements, including obtaining the proper training or clearance to enter the site. Early planning will help us ensure these requirements are met prior to delivery.
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