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ContainerDiscounts is a nationwide, tier-1 supplier of new, used, and 1-trip shipping containers. We sell direct to both companies and individuals in the Baltimore area, with free access to our real-time inventory and pricing.

Skip the middleman and buy direct from ContainerDiscounts in Baltimore, saving money and time while taking advantage of our certified condition guarantee. 

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There is no buyer protection when buying through online listing sites like Craigslist. While the prices may be cheaper in the ad, the quality is never a guarantee, and the cost of getting the container delivered could end up costing you more than buying direct.

eBay has more buyer protections in place than listing sites, but it’s easier to get scammed through online auction sites than buying from reputable suppliers. Consider delivery fees and seller reputation when buying on online auction sites.

ContainerDiscounts is a supplier for local dealers in Baltimore, who often sell their on-hand stock As-Is, regardless of the condition of the containers. Buying direct from ContainerDiscounts guarantees container condition and the best possible pricing.

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Baltimore


Containers Homes

Travis Price Architects (local architecture firm) worked with builders Sean Joiner and Matthew Grace to complete a four unit apartment complex made out of 40ft shipping container The project, completed in 2014. Each unit consists of 6 bedrooms and communal living and kitchen space.

The project was complete, start-to-finish in less than 9 months, and the 2 young developers pre-leased all units in advance. 

Location: Baltimore, MD 
Size: 8,000 SF
Completion Date: 2014
Project: Studen Housing, Residential, Multi-Family

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Using 18 shipping containers in total, this project embodies the creativity and cost efficiency that is possible with containerized projects. The clean modern development replaced a previously dilapidated student housing project.


The "El Ray" in Washington D.C. is one the areas best watering holes. Built with Shipping Containers before it became a trend, this is a great place to get tequila and authentic Central American tacos. A retractable roof and exposed shipping container walls inside and out give this place a true industrial feel. A great example of simple container architecture.

Other Popular Uses in Baltimore/D.C. area; Storage, Homes, Art, Commercial, Industrial Warehousing, Office Space

Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Baltimore

Dating back to 1706, the Helen Delich Bentley Port is one of the oldest and busiest ports in the United States. The port handles around 700,000 vehicles per year - nearly every Mercedes Benz in the US comes through the port of Baltimore. Nearly 37 million tons of foreign cargo pass through every year which equates to roughly $54 billion worth of goods.

Building With Shipping Containers in Baltimore

Bouncing back from an urban decay in the 60s and 70s, resilient Baltimore bounced back with urban renewal efforts that rank among the most ambitious in the United States. Downtown and many other neighborhoods were revitalized, with special attention given to the city's greatest asset - the harbor.

The city has embraced progressive opportunity, especially when it comes to its hard working blue collar population. Container projects follow Federal guidance laid out by HUD, and projects are considered fairly when presented to local building agencies. 

Baltimore will ensure they go through a fairly extensive review process, especially for residential developments.

Container Acceptability Score: 7/10


Baltimore scores a seven on friendliness toward shipping containers. You will need to check with your local jurisdiction to determine if there are any local regulations that will impact your use of shipping containers. 

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