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There is no buyer protection when buying through online listing sites like Craigslist. While the prices may be cheaper in the ad, the quality is never a guarantee, and the cost of getting the container delivered could end up costing you more than buying direct.

eBay has more buyer protections in place than listing sites, but it’s easier to get scammed through online auction sites than buying from reputable suppliers. Consider delivery fees and seller reputation when buying on online auction sites.

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Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Dallas


Containers Homes

The collaborating architects, Matt Mooney and Michael Gooden, joined forces to put a twist on a classic contemporary home by integrating 14 shipping containers into their design plan, with Gooden’s intention of creating an art piece his neighbors could fawn over. Located near downtown Dallas, the infrastructure known as the “PV14” house sits across from White Rock Lake on the corner of Peavy Rd. and Buckner Blvd.

Location: Dallas, TX
Size: 3,400 SF
Completion Date: 2014
Project: Residential

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The now finished house includes concrete floors, stairway railings made from steel rebar, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the pool. Gooden took the extra step to capture the modern appearance of shipping containers by using exposed ceilings that show off the texture of the container as well as refurbished shipping container doors for the bedrooms.

The project was finished off with 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, entertainment areas on each floor, and 2 decks with complete views of the surroundings.


Office Space Park

Architect Matthijs Melchoirs used his creative vision to build a 3 story and 15,000 sq ft office park made from 40 colorful shipping containers situated near downtown Fort Worth. Melchoirs intention was to create a quaint business community for fellow tenants in the area, while still maintaining creativity and allure with the structures' pops of color.

The project known as "Connex Fort Worth" is equipped with solar panels and wind turbines to reflect Melchoirs environmentally friendly mindset and create a sustainable workspace.

Other Popular Uses in Dallas; Storage, Homes, Art, Commercial, Industrial, Warehousing.

Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Dallas

The port of DALLAS is a global inland port located in the southern US state of Texas. Its logistics hub is the largest new logistics park in North America and is encompasses 6,000 acres dedicated to distribution, manufacturing, and office and retail development.

Building With Shipping Containers in Dallas

Go big or go home in Dallas. A design community that is rich in modern contemporary architecture was early to the party for its acceptance of Shipping Container structures. With early adoption of rules set out to make use of alternative building methods easier than in most cities, Dallas is a great place to build the Shipping Container home of your dreams.

Local building code is fairly straight forward, and plans can even be submitted online if you have all your details in order.

The state of Texas follows HUD guidance for the most part, with some additional local  requirements for heavy winds that can occur. For details on how to build a shipping container home in Dallas your first step should be to contact your local building department and consult with a professional architect.

Container Acceptability Score: 9/10


Texas scores a nine on friendliness toward shipping containers. You will need to check with your local (city) jurisdiction to determine if there are regulations that will impact your use of shipping containers. You can access that information at your local building and safety department.

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