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There is no buyer protection when buying through online listing sites like Craigslist. While the prices may be cheaper in the ad, the quality is never a guarantee, and the cost of getting the container delivered could end up costing you more than buying direct.

eBay has more buyer protections in place than listing sites, but it’s easier to get scammed through online auction sites than buying from reputable suppliers. Consider delivery fees and seller reputation when buying on online auction sites.

ContainerDiscounts is a supplier for local dealers in Houston, who often sell their on-hand stock As-Is, regardless of the condition of the containers. Buying direct from ContainerDiscounts guarantees container condition and the best possible pricing.

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Houston


Containers Homes

Homeowner Will Breaux, having worked in design for several years, took his unique style to build a home for himself in Third Ward, Houston, starting his journey in 2011. Straying away from a traditional home, Breaux took interest in the appeal of shipping containers as he wanted to take advantage of their lego-like stacking ability and strong demeanor.

With that in mind, he took his vision, a little help from 3D rendering, and 11 shipping containers to Midtown to build a home he now calls the “McGowen Container House.”

Location: Third Ward 
Size: 2,500 SF
Completion Date: 2018
Project: Residential

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Breaux spent 3 days a week to complete the house he had been dreaming of for 8 years, and now in 2018, as he adds the finishing touches, his dream is becoming a reality.

The house is currently 4 stories high with a ground level carport and a rooftop terrace overlooking Houston. The interior reflects a modern, industrial demeanor with metal stair stringers, steel framed windows, a grated balcony, exposed wood ceilings, leather drawer pulls, and his favorite piece, a bright blue neon sign above his entrance door.

Container Bar

With 5 years and $2 million, owner Bridget Dunlap was able to put her creativity to the test and build “The Container Bar,” which opened up in March on Rainy Street (Austin, TX).

The bar was completed with 7 shipping containers, each a different color and interior design, giving her space personality, which is especially needed in such a social setting.

This was the first ever bar to be made from entirely repurposed cargo containers, although I’m sure it won’t be the last. So if you ever find yourself in Austin, I wouldn’t skip out on the chance to experience drinking in a shipping container.

Other Popular Uses in Houston; Storage, Homes, Art, Commercial, Industrial, Warehousing.

Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Houston

As one of the world’s busiest ports, Port Houston is a large and vibrant component of the regional economy. Houston Ship Channel-related businesses contribute 1,174,567 jobs throughout Texas. This activity helps generate more than $264.9 billion in statewide economic impact. Additionally, more than $5 billion in state and local tax revenues are generated by business activities related to the port.

Building With Shipping Containers in Houston

Go big or go home in Houston. A design community that is rich in modern contemporary architecture was early to the party for its acceptance of Shipping Container structures. With early adoption of rules set out to make use of alternative building methods easier than in most cities, Houston is a great place to build the Shipping Container home of your dreams.

Local building code is fairly straight forward, and plans can even be submitted online if you have all your details in order.

The state of Texas follows HUD guidance for the most part, with some additional local  requirements for heavy winds that can occur. For details on how to build a shipping container home in Houston your first step should be to contact your local building department and consult with a professional architect.

Container Acceptability Score: 9/10


Texas scores a nine on friendliness toward shipping containers. You will need to check with your local (city) jurisdiction to determine if there are regulations that will impact your use of shipping containers. You can access that information at your local building and safety department.

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