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ContainerDiscounts is a nationwide, tier-1 supplier of new, used, and 1-trip shipping containers. We sell direct to both companies and individuals in the Greater Metropolitan area, with free access to our real-time inventory and pricing.

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There is no buyer protection when buying through online listing sites like Craigslist. While the prices may be cheaper in the ad, the quality is never a guarantee, and the cost of getting the container delivered could end up costing you more than buying direct.

eBay has more buyer protections in place than listing sites, but it’s easier to get scammed through online auction sites than buying from reputable suppliers. Consider delivery fees and seller reputation when buying on online auction sites.

ContainerDiscounts is a supplier for local dealers in Oakland, who often sell their on-hand stock As-Is, regardless of the condition of the containers. Buying direct from ContainerDiscounts guarantees container condition and the best possible pricing

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Oakland


Containers Structures

"The Yard", a unique neighborhood gathering spot created out of repurposed shipping containers to provide food, beverage and cultural & community events. Found next to AT&T Park, the project was created from 13 repurposed shipping containers and gives Tailgating a modern twist in this shipping-container complex that parks Anchor Brewery, Peet’s Coffee and a selection of affordable food trucks and retail shops a stone’s throw from AT&T Park. Carved out of a corner of waterfront parking lot, the open-air dining and drinking stop offers plenty of seating and some screens for those without game tickets.

Location: San Francisco, CA 
Size: 14,500 SF
Completion Date: 2015
Project: Community

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Container Retail Stores

MacArthur Annex is a unique mixed-use space featuring entrepreneur and artist work studios, local retail - including a Restaurant & Beer Garden, Coffee Shop, Record Store and Book Store

Pizza by the slice and beer garden by Arthur Mac's Tap & Snack, which is owned and operated by Farm League Design & MGMT Group, a young Berkeley-based restaurant group known for venues such as East Bay Spice Company, Tigerlily, Westbrae Biergarten and Drake's Dealership.

Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Oakland

Oakland is a major West Coast port, and the fifth busiest in the United States by cargo volume. The Port of Oakland handles 99% of all containerized goods moving through Northern California, representing $41 billion worth of international trade. There are nearly 200,000 jobs related to marine cargo transport in the Oakland area.

Building With Shipping Containers in Oakland

As expected, Oakland is highly progressive when it comes to embracing Shipping Container Design and use as an alternative building method.

With projects ranging from high-end retail stores, beautiful custom homes, to a bathhouse straight out of the 70's, Oakland has embraced Container Architecture fully. With a strong history of steelworkers and fabrication shops, that have grown up servicing the port and surrounding business, the area continues to support the rejuvenation with its' very forward approach.

Alameda County follows guidance from the State's written guidelines on how to build with shipping containers, using a modular approach, and continues to set the pace for the rest of the nation. 

Container Acceptability Score: 9/10


Oakland scores a nine on friendliness toward shipping containers. You will need to check with your local jurisdiction to determine if there are any local regulations that will impact your use of shipping containers. You can access that information for Alameda County and the State of California.

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