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ContainerDiscounts is a nationwide, tier-1 supplier of new, used, and 1-trip shipping containers. We sell direct to both corporations and individuals in the Seattle area, with free access to our real-time inventory and pricing.

Skip the middleman and buy direct from ContainerDiscounts in Seattle, saving money and time while taking advantage of our certified condition guarantee. 

ContainerDiscounts Vs. Seattle Alternatives

There is no buyer protection when buying through online listing sites like Craigslist. While the prices may be cheaper in the ad, the quality is never a guarantee, and the cost of getting the container delivered could end up costing you more than buying direct.

eBay has more buyer protections in place than listing sites, but it’s easier to get scammed through online auction sites than buying from reputable suppliers. Consider delivery fees and seller reputation when buying on online auction sites.

ContainerDiscounts is a supplier for local dealers in Seattle, who often sell their on-hand stock As-Is, regardless of the condition of the containers. Buying direct from ContainerDiscounts guarantees container condition and the best possible pricing.

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Seattle


Well Starbucks of Course

Found in Tukwila, a suburb of Seattle, this drive-through Starbucks is made of several 40' and 20' shipping containers. Made as a full-service coffee shop, as well as a drive-through, this development has it all. Using containers and building to LEED certification standards, like all new company-owned Starbucks stores around the world, the store was a modular structure, assembled at another location then lowered on to the site by cranes

Location: Seattle, WA
Size: 450 SF
Completion Date: 2012
Project: Commercial, Retail

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Not only is Seattle home to Starbucks (founded there in 1994), but also a gateway for environmentally focused design breakthroughs such as this containerized coffee hot spot.

Other Popular Uses in Seattle; Storage, Homes, Art, Commercial, Warehousing, Industrial Buildings, Retail Stores, Apartments.

Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Seattle

Founded in 1911 and sitting on over 1,500 acres of land on Seattle’s waterfront, the port provides over 200,000 jobs and generates more than $20 billion in revenue - proving to be one of the Pacific Northwest’s true economic engines. Some of the top exports leaving Seattle’s port in 2017 were: soybeans, aircraft parts, frozen fish, corn and potatoes.

Building With Shipping Containers in Seattle

Seattle is naturally suited for the industrial modern aesthetics of "cargotecture." Shipping Container structures remain on the cutting edge of whats possible in Seattle design community.

Kings County seems very open to the structures, and follow modular building codes when considering shipping container projects for residential or commercial building permits.

Seattle follows HUD guidance with additional regional requirements, similar to modular building codes applied in most areas of the country.

Container Acceptability Score: 8/10


Seattle scores an eight on friendliness toward shipping containers. You will need to check with your local jurisdiction to determine if there are any local regulations that will impact your use of shipping containers. You can access that information for Seattle, Kings County.

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