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Buying Used Shipping Containers

In the United States, all shipping containers are used. The newest container you can purchase is a one-trip container, which is often referred to as a new container. But, even one-trip containers have been used somewhat.

One Trip Shipping Container Journey

Used shipping containers have usually made more than one trip, and come in various conditions. The better the condition, the higher the purchase price. With that said, just because a container is “used” doesn’t mean it has to be in horrible shape.

Used Shipping Containers Condition Classes

Since there are various levels of wear and tear on used shipping containers, the descriptions of the conditions will vary. These descriptions are usually broken down into the four categories below.

And while all the used conditions have various meaning related to cargo transport, this video demonstrates what all our certified used shipping containers guarantee. 

Full 360 20 Container

Why Buy a Used Shipping Container?

Our second-hand shipping containers are typically 10 – 15 years old from date of manufacture. Used shipping containers are inspected when they arrive at the depot to ensure they are fully compliant with the our certified wind and watertight standards. The units double doors will be fully operational and door seals fully intact to prevent any water intrusion. Flooring is formed from 27mm (about 1”- 1/8th) ultra sturdy hard plywood, capable of withstanding tremendous loads and pressure.

Shipping containers are manufactured using high-quality cor-ten steel which is designed to stand up to the harsh rigors of sea conditions. We would expect a properly maintained used container to last you in excess of twenty years from the date of purchase.

Where to Buy Used Containers

Because used shipping containers come in all sizes and conditions, there is a wide range of possible pricing options. However, the sticker price is not the only thing to consider when buying a used shipping container.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale By Middlemen

Often, middlemen often markup their containers based on supply and demand. They sell to their local customers based on the inventory they have on-hand - they have to sell inventory before purchasing more to resell. This is not always the case, but it’s common for a middleman to sell a used shipping container at a price in accordance to its classification, but the container being in much worse shape than is normal.

Just because a shipping container is used doesn’t mean it should be in horrible shape. And, just because the middleman needs to offload a container covered in graffiti doesn’t mean you should have to settle for a container in that condition.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale By Individuals

It’s possible to get a great bargain on a used shipping container if an individual is selling. They will often sell under the price of local dealers, hoping to get rid of the container faster. However, there are a lot of issues to consider when buying from individuals, such as delivery fees, damage in transit, and not getting full disclosure on the condition of the container. You should proceed with caution.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale Direct from Tier-1 Suppliers

Buying direct has a lot of advantages, in that you cut out the middleman markups and you get access to a much larger inventory. Many tier-1 suppliers sell only to local middlemen, and deals only in bulk, wholesale transactions. Bolt, however, sells to local dealers as well as direct to individuals. Buying direct can save up to 20% on used shipping container purchases.

Shipping Container Depot

Getting the Best Price for the Best Container

It can be confusing to purchase a used shipping container, especially for the first time. The most common complaint in the industry is a customer getting a container in much worse shape than they expected. That’s why we offer all our customers a certified condition guarantee with all purchases.

However, poor condition is only one of many potential problems with buying used shipping containers. That’s why we created a free guide for first-time buyers, sharing all the information you need to be an informed buyer.

Buying Shipping Containers 101: A First-Time Buyer's Guide